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Fashion and Retail

Fashion and Retail

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The fashion and retail industry is evolving beyond mere product identification to face the persistent challenges of brand identity and inventory management. Beontag's solutions play a multifaceted role in this sector, serving various purposes to enhance the customer experience and streamline operations worldwide. They offer versatile tools for communication, bolstering brand visibility, enhancing operational efficiency, facilitating smooth transactions at checkout, and enabling retailers to optimize their supply chain, all while attracting customer attention in the most sustainable way.

Our Graphics and Label Materials solutions

Fabric-Friendly Design

Our solutions for the textile and clothing industry are meticulously crafted to prevent any damage to fabrics. We recognize the importance of fashion labels and tags that leave no adhesive residue, distort the fabric, or alter its color.

Versatile Application

Our solutions undergo rigorous testing and development to ensure they can be applied to various types of fabric and soft garments.

Our RFID and IoT Enablers solutions

Customer engagement and brand experience

Our RFID tags for fashion and retail enable exclusive customer engagement and marketing activities, enhancing customer satisfaction and brand experience.

Supply Chain optimization

Our range of RFID tags, commonly used in apparel, footwear and fashion industries, enables real-time tracking, reduces stockouts, optimizes operations, and improves inventory management and supply chain visibility.

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