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Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage

More about Food and Beverage

Beontag's solutions empower the food and beverage industry to enhance supply chain security with cutting-edge labeling and RFID technology. They can enable companies to monitor expiration dates, manage inventory accurately, improve food safety, reduce waste, trace products, and more. Explore our portfolio to discover how we can help you with your needs.

Our Graphics and Label Materials solutions

Compliance as Needed

Food product labels must meet specific legal requirements to ensure they are suitable for food preservation. This includes labels directly applied to food, as well as labels for chilled or frozen environments.

Competitive Edge

Beverage labeling plays a crucial role in visual differentiation on store shelves. We offer a variety of solutions to help achieve this competitive edge.

Our RFID and IoT Enablers solutions

Improving food and beverage inventory

Beontag's RFID tags enhance food inventory control by monitoring expiration dates, preventing the sale of expired items, and ensuring precise inventory management

Brand Protection, Tamper-Proofing, and Consumer Engagement

Our NFC solutions are essential for brand authentication, ensuring tamper-proof packaging and activating unique customer experiences and marketing initiatives.

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