Webinar: ECO Tag for Industries

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In this webinar we focus on sustainable RFID trends and applications for industrial use cases through real customer stories.

We will introduce sustainable product solutions for RFID tracking of connected packaging and industrial part tracking applications. You will learn why the plastic free ECO Tag structure is a more sustainable solution compared to standard PET type of RFID labels and how RFID technology can contribute to the sustainability goals of your business.

Webinar agenda

1. Beontag introduction
2. Sustainability
3. ECO Technology
4. Use cases
5. Q&A

Q&A of RFID Sensor Tags

Q: What is the expected max life-time of a ECO Tag?
A: With ECO technology we have to remember that we talk about paper based products and therefore life-time is heavily affected by the environment. In normal room temperature the life-time is years but if there are mechanical stress or other more harsh environments involved we would recommend our other products, such as Carrier Family, for extended life-time.

Q: As Confidex partner can I buy ECO products?
A: Yes, ECO Tags are available in our standard price list.

Q: How can I get samples?
A: Please reach out to your sales representative or alternatively contact us here


Paul Broekhuizen
Global Director, Smart IndustriesGlobal Director, Smart Industries
Confidex a Beontag Company

Miika Pylvänäinen
Product Line Director, RFID
Confidex a Beontag Company

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