Beontag announces four new tags leveraging Impinj M800 IC

Enabling the future for digital connectivity, Beontag’s latest addition to the broad RAIN RFID portfolio features the highest level of performance and consistency.

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Beontag has released its latest range of tags that break new ground in RFID functionality, leveraging the new Impinj M800 series RAIN RFID tag chips. The Falcon M800, Pacer M800, Swift M800 and Setter M800 each achieve premier performance, while offering specialized antenna design to meet the various needs of today’s applications in both retail and industrial markets. 

Beontag is among the first RFID tag companies to release products with the Impinj M800 series tag chips -- the latest generation IC that offers new performance achievements in readability and reliability. The Beontag tags will leverage the new IC for lower power consumption and high performance making it easier to deploy reliable RFID systems.

More than ever, companies worldwide are turning to RFID technology to improve accuracy and transparency within supply chains and inventories and also to boost their ESG strategy to meet the sustainability goals. As applications grow more varied -- and the technology becomes more sensitive, reliable and affordable – these new RFID users are demanding flexible tag products that ensure high performance, even in challenging environments. 

Beontag has engineered these latest products for an international supply chain, with global antenna tuning. The exceptional performance of these four tags enables more challenging applications to benefit from RFID, while applications requiring smaller tags can now also achieve reliable reads. Better performing tags also enable using lower power on hand-held reader devices, resulting in longer battery life.  

“Beontag is always working to integrate and adopt innovation and problem-solving solutions for our customers around the world. The next-generation series RAIN RFID tag chips from Impinj is another step for even more enhanced privacy and reliability across our portfolio.” says Marcio Muniz, Digital Transformation Enabler Vice President at Beontag.

  • Falcon M800 - This unique tag is designed especially with retailers’ needs in mind.  With a 50x30 mm-sized antenna, it is a good fit for item-level retail, logistics and supply chain applications. It offers high read reliability, orientation sensitivity and excellent performance, even when stacked in close proximity. 
  • Pacer M800 - Pacer is designed for RFID applications where both high performance and minimal footprint are required. The 70x12 mm antenna provides sensitivity and long range, on various materials, including cardboard and plastics, enabling accurate supply chain management in challenging environments.
  • Swift M800 - The 42x16mm antenna of the Swift makes it a perfect choice for smaller items. The strong performance of this Impinj M800 variant maximizes item-level tracking benefits by ensuring accurate and reliable reading in retail processes.
  • Setter M800 - Raising performance standards, this tag -- with a 90x24mm antenna-- is the optimal choice for high-speed logistics and inventory processes. It is designed for shipping labels as well as applications that require the best possible read range. 

“We are proud to deliver the most advanced tag chips in the market, which power the latest Beontag range of RAIN RFID tags,” says Martin Liebl, Impinj’s senior product management director. “With the Impinj M800 series ICs, these new tags offer improved tag readability, enhanced reliability along with advanced features to mitigate tag clutter and Impinj Protected Mode for enhanced privacy,” he adds.



Beontag is a global business enabler that serves as one of the world’s leading providers of IoT solutions and graphic and label materials. With operations in more than 15 countries and a footprint in over 40 markets, the multinational company offers end-to-end product capabilities for a range of industries and businesses, driving seamless communication between companies, products, and people.


Beontag’s business is underpinned by modern manufacturing facilities, strategic investments, R&D, and a range of highly qualified teams. Furthermore, the multinational is fully committed to enabling positive impacts across the entire value chain. As a member of the UN Global Compact since 2021, Beontag offers its customers a series of increasingly sustainable products while also working towards a diverse and equitable work environment.

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