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Beauty and Personal Care

Beauty and Personal Care

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Our range of RFID tags is used by beauty and personal care manufactures and retailers to preserve supply-chain integrity throughout distribution channels. It also enhances inventory accuracy, product and brand safety, and allow for new ways of direct consumer engagement. Our beauty-ready RFID tags are specially designed to work on metal, liquid and other challenging packages.

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Consumer engagement and brand experience

Our RFID tags excel on metal and liquid materials, enabling innovative customer engagement and marketing activities to increase customer satisfaction and brand experience.

Sustainable solutions

Beontag's ECO tags represent a sustainable choice, being 100% fiber-paper based. These tags are fully recyclable with paper and board materials.

Brand Protection and authentication

Beontag's NFC solutions are crucial for brand authentication, providing tamper-proof packaging, and enabling unique customer experiences, also employed in anti-counterfeiting applications.


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