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Electronic and Electrical

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In the dynamic landscape of consumer and industrial electronics, manufacturers are challenged to find solutions that meet increasing operational demands. Our customized products play a critical role in electronic devices, performing various functions such as identification, transportation, manufacturing, and security. With a comprehensive portfolio, we offer tailored solutions to meet diverse needs. They contribute to overall operational efficiency by optimizing inventory management and supply chain visibility, particularly in asset tracking during assembly processes.

Our Graphics and Label Materials solutions

Tailored to your purpose

Labels can be used on electronics and household appliances for various purposes including identification, transportation, manufacturing, and safety.

Wide range of solutions

With plenty of options to choose from, our portfolio of solutions caters to a wide variety of needs.

Our RFID and IoT Enablers solutions

Supply Chain Management

Beontag's RFID tags can be used in industries to improve inventory management, supply chain visibility, and optimize operations.

Asset Tracking

Our RFID tags, specifically designed for asset tracking, are used by companies to trace components and tools during the assembly phase.

Case studies

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