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Supply Chain and Logistics

More about Supply Chain and Logistics

Successfully delivering products on time depends on many factors within the supply chain, with labelling and traceability being key contributors. Labels play a crucial role by providing real-time visibility, improving traceability and optimizing inventory management. They guarantee the quality and safety of sensitive materials, prevent counterfeiting, and contribute to sustainability initiatives by providing accurate product lifecycle data.

Our Graphics and Label Materials solutions

Resistance to Decay

Our pressure-sensitive products for the logistics sector were developed to withstand decay caused by transportation and storage.

Reduction of waste and costs in the logistics chain

They contributes to reducing waste and costs throughout the logistics chain. It is essential to preserving variable information for tracking processes, inventory analysis, as well as receiving and shipping materials.

Our RFID and IoT Enablers solutions

Supply Chain Optimization

Our RFID tags for the supply chain are primarily utilized to enhance logistics and supply chain management across all industries.

Sustainable solutions

Beontag's ECO tags are the sustainable ECO solution. They are 100% fiber-paper based and can be recycled alongside paper and board materials.

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