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Industrial and Durable Goods

More about Industrial and Durable Goods

Durable goods require high-quality materials for unwavering performance. Our solutions are ideal for appliances, electronics, automotive parts, and supply chain challenges, as they meet the most rigorous standards for maximum durability and reliability. Explore our portfolio to discover how we can meet your needs.

Our Graphics and Label Materials solutions

Lifetime durability

Labels and tags that display model and serial numbers, safety instructions, and variable information on durable goods and industrial chemicals require high durability to last throughout the product's entire lifespan.

Resistance to stressful situations

Our solutions are highly resistant to all sorts of weather conditions that the product may encounter, such as rain, heat, snow, and high temperatures. This type of pressure-sensitive adhesive is used for equipment, electronic components, car parts, and more.

Our RFID and IoT Enablers solutions

Supply Chain management in challenging environments

Our broad range of RFID hard tags are specially designed for challenging and harsh environments typical of industrial settings, as well as logistics and supply-chain applications.

RFID hard tags for harsh conditions

Designed to meet specific requirements and frequency standards, hard tags ensure maximum resistance, reliability, and protection.

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