Bulgari– NFC & t!Journey Platform for an exclusive experience in Luxury World

A successful story, one of its kind in the world of luxury goods. Bulgari has reached a new level of exclusiveness, thanks to a futuristic vision of the relationship between customer and brand.

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BULGARI choose to partner with Temera has decided to innovate its way of communicating, placing the product at the center of its Customer Journey. 

The project goes under the name of BVLGARI TOVCH: its aim is to give a digital voice to each product and let it interact directly with the customer by delivering an engaging and exclusive content “activated” through NFC interaction. When user’s smartphone gets in ‘TOVCH’ with the tag, hidden underneath logo brand, the product comes to life driving the user within a 1: 1 experience, differentiated on the basis of both product, timing and location.

Dynamic Experiences - A new touchpoint for customer engagement - brand authenticity

The desire to purchase one of the Bulgari creations leads the customer to interact with the product in a way that makes it special and unique. Each purchase unlocks the exclusive digital experience of the buyer which adds invaluable value to the product, making the customer experience a new aspect of the Bulgari world.

The communication channel that is created between the brand and the customer lasts for the entire life cycle of the product, whether the purchase is made at a brand boutique or an authorized dealer.


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The Insights that derive from the customer’s interactions with the product help BULGARI to make the next experience better than the previous one. A further advantage concerns the sales assistants, who receive feedback and useful information when interacting with the product, in order to facilitate the sale.

A revolutionary innovation in line with the brand identity


One hundred and thirty-five years on from its foundation, Bvlgari continues to embody a world of excellence and create inimitable experiences through its magnificent creations. Its prestigious heritage of timeless elegance has always been combined with modern design, a pioneering instinct and an unlimited ability to reinvent itself. Today, as a new era of communication emerges, the Bvlgari Tovch project maintains a vital connection with the brand’s original values while expressing its innate avant-garde calling.

The innovation is radical: together with the first “connected” luxury bag, Bvlgari Tovch brings the customer and everyone involved with the product a surprising experience and introduces a completely new system for producing and managing smart luxury accessories.

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