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Mass Market and Retail

Mass Market and Retail

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Our range of RFID tags is employed in the apparel, footwear, and fashion industries, enabling real-time tracking, minimizing stockouts, and optimizing operations, inventory management and supply chain visibility. Additionally, the RFID and NFC technologies allow for the development of various applications aimed at enhancing customer satisfaction and brand experience.

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Customer Engagement and brand protection

Beontag's RFID tags and NFC technologies revolutionize retail, offering unique customer-centric solutions, optimizing supply chain and inventory management, while providing brand authentication.

Sustainable solutions

Beontag's ECO tags represent a sustainable choice, being 100% fiber-paper based. These tags are fully recyclable with paper and board materials.

Solutions for Retail industry

Our solutions enhance product availability by ensuring accurate inventory management. This approach prevents losses, reduces theft, and provides real-time data visibility.


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