Beontag Release Linerless VIP labels LCA, EPD Results, Marking Important Step for ESG

Linerless VIP label achieves 35% reduction in carbon footprint throughout the label’s entire life cycle compared to a product with the liner of the same application. It also has a type III Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) issued in accordance with ISO 14025

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Beontag releases Linerless

20 November 2023, Milan – Beontag, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of pressure-sensitive adhesives materials (PSA) and smart tags such as RFID and NFC, has released the comparative Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) results of their innovative Linerless solution, marking an important step forward for the company, and their clients’ ESG goals. Beontag’s Linerless solution not only reduces material inputs but also waste, enabling progress in packaging-related environmental performance.

The main distinction between a regular label and Linerless VIP label lies in the absence of a liner, which reduces the PSA layers – the conventional version has four layers while Linerless VIP labels has only three. Since the layer discarded during use (liner) is absent, it minimizes waste generation. Without this layer, it's also possible to provide more PSA meters per roll.

Linerless VIP labels present an outstanding achievement in sustainability. Through a comprehensive LCA adhering to ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 standards, Linerless solution showcases: 

  • Impressive 35% carbon footprint reduction compared to a product with the liner of the same application, with benefits across every phase of its life cycle. 
  • By eliminating the need for a liner, Linerless VIP labels achieve a significant 38% reduction in post-consumer waste during its end-of-life stage, quantified based on the weight of post-consumer waste per square meter.

Furthermore, the Linerless VIP Label LCA results have gone through a third-party verification and a type III Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) issued in accordance with ISO 14025.

Undertaking this assessment and releasing the LCA outcomes demonstrates Beontag’s commitment to sustainability and transparency. Beontag is among the first label companies to release the results of this rigorous LCA and EPD "cradle-to-grave assessment", enabling customers to calculate their environmental footprint more accurately. 

"In our pursuit of sustainability and commitment to innovation, Linerless solution marks another significant milestone. Our rigorous Life Cycle Assessment confirms the solution results in a 35% lower carbon footprint and 38% less post-consumer waste. By embracing innovation and efficiency, we can all move towards a more sustainable future."  said Ricardo Lobo, CEO of Beontag.

Further information: EPD - Linerless



Beontag is a global business enabler that serves as one of the world’s leading providers of IoT solutions and graphic and label materials. With operations in more than 15 countries and a footprint in over 40 markets, the multinational company offers end-to-end product capabilities for a range of industries and businesses, driving seamless communication between companies, products, and people.

Beontag’s business is underpinned by modern manufacturing facilities, strategic investments, R&D, and a range of highly qualified teams. Furthermore, the multinational is fully committed to enabling positive impacts across the entire value chain. As a member of the UN Global Compact since 2021, Beontag offers its customers a series of increasingly sustainable products while also working towards a diverse and equitable work environment. Visit for more information: Press releases

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