New Heatwave Ultra Goes Through Extreme Temperatures, Repeatedly

Confidex a Beontag Company’s latest product achieves high performance RAIN RFID functionality in industrial environments where traditional tags cannot withstand multiple heat processes

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Confidex a Beontag Company, has released its new Heatwave Ultra to combat highly challenging industrial environments. This latest member of the Heatwave product family is engineered to withstand recurring heat cycles as well as lengthy heat events. With a unique design that includes a ruggedized thermoplastic enclosure, Heatwave Ultra is built for extremes. In fact, unlike standard UHF RAIN RFID tags, the Heatwave Ultra is designed to be used multiple times in high temperature cycles.

The Heatwave Ultra is the latest product in the industrial-grade, high temperature family of tags from Confidex that provide reliability where the environment is most challenging. While Confidex’s family of highly robust Heatwave RAIN RFID tags are built to withstand industrial environments at high temperature, the Ultra meets challenges related to assets and products that experience high temperatures repeatedly.

In the automotive industry, for example, RFID tags help manufacturers track the movement of skids that sustain high heat cycles every time the skid transports new vehicles through the painting process. Some companies, using traditional RFID tags, have had to replace their one-time use RFID products every time the skid goes through the painting process. The Heatwave Ultra, on the other hand, offers an alternative by withstanding repeated heat cycles, and continuing to perform reliably.

Additionally, the Heatwave Ultra — offering prolonged high temperature resistance —  is ideal for manufacturing processes that require long heat cycles that are challenging for standard high temperature tags.

Some of its unique engineering includes its thermoplastic enclosure specially designed to withstand extreme temperatures.  The Heatwave Ultra is designed for metallic surfaces and leverages a high memory NXP UCODE 7xm+ IC.

“Confidex has dedicated more than 10 years in development and testing of the optimal, and most robust tags for high temperature environments.” Says Miika Pylvänäinen, Product Line Director RFID, Confidex a Beontag Company. “The Heatwave Ultra alone has been tested for years in our R&D laboratory by our experienced engineers to ensure optimal performance in automotive and other industrial settings. We are happy to expand our offering with yet another industry leading product solution enabling new applications for our customers.”


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